A grieving sister’s letter to her brother…😭

Dear Wîlfrêd Kîddø,

Hugs and kisses😘🥰😘 on your 23rd birthday! The only abnormality is, I am hugging your photo frame as I type this letter to you.

Maybe you wouldn’t read it… But I want to send a message to all the brothers out there, so they don’t hurt yet another sister!

Dear Brother….

Baby brother, I still remember the day, I met you in the labour ward of GKNM hospital, Cbe and also the day I saw you on the porcelain slab in Govt hospital mortuary.

In between, these two hospitals, we had a wonderful journey as a brother and sister.

I remember the fun we had, creating our first FB pages, sneaking out to watch a movie, millions of selfies and loads of ice creams we ate like thieves on the terrace.

You were the only person who showed me what the outside world is!

From Game of Thrones to Vampire Diaries🧛‍♂️, from Batman to Spiderman- we created a beautiful world around us. We discussed and fought over the superheroes.

I imagined you as ring bearer 💍at my wedding! Baby, you even picked out a suit for the big day!

That day never came! Maybe it is to ease the pain of your absence 😭

Memories we created together are carved in my heart! I wish I leave this letter under your headstone and you read it out aloud sitting next to me!

Fantasies, fun and love we shared cannot be typed in a single letter. It’s going to take a lifetime to tell everyone, about what a great brother I had.

Oh boy! I wish that day never dawned on us. The hardest thing I ever had to face in my life, was to look at my baby brother in a coffin!

It was like a million knives stabbing all at once. A forceful hand drowned me in a black sea and I was gasping for breath!

My heart went numb da! I wished you would wake up and say I am alright even after that autopsy you had.

Three years now, and I am still sobbing while I type this out. I love you and you will live in my heart until my last breath!

Your silky hair, your smile and your warmth! I miss you. I wish you were here and see what a lady I have become! I did it da!

I am following my dream. I have goals now. I am over him (the one who helped to get over with!). There is one hell of a difference I made!

I wish you stand next to me, cheering and clapping when I achieve my dreams! I will always have a special seat reserved for you on the front row.

I never thought the love for bikes and cars that we shared together will be the villain and take you away from me.

Rest in peace darling! I will come to you sooner or later but until that day, I will be loving and treasuring all the memories we made!

Love you da! Happy Birthday!

Divya Priyadharshini Mohan

P.S. All brothers, next time you start your vehicle, remember this grieving sister’s letter!

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