Why is finding love❤️ so hard?

There is no true love that exists on the planet 🌎….at least not anymore.

Failure never hurt me, I failed many a times in my life. Historic falls and humiliation I have seen but that never stopped from trying hard. I always find a ray of hope.

“Optimistic, altruistic b****”

You know what is worse than a failure? It’s losing hope.

It’s just a bleak and you stand there hopeless!!!!😭

Hopelessness is like an unstrung kite 🪁 that flies with the wind 🍃. Taking a route what the wind wants.

But the worst of all is… It’s you crying when the rest of the world is enjoying.

Just like you and me…

It’s Christmas ⛄🎄 out there and the entire humankind rejoices, while you and me… are trying to make a connection with your our life instances.

If you have come this far in this post, you know what pain is and what hopelessness is!!!!

Sometimes I feel I want to quit, i want to refuse just existing, I want to cease.

That’s when I realised, there is no love around. Nothing that you could rely on. No shoulders to lie. Absolutely nothing!

I stopped beliveing. Believing in existence, love and miracles.

There is nothing as true love, atleast not what you could relate to….

“Fake’ism” is spreading faster than the pandemic. Fake likes, appreciations, wishes, and how dare people fake love!!!

All of this fake’ism began with the first lie you heard from your parent for an inconsequential matters.

Then these fake friends… Oh… I need to write another 400 words on it…

I stopped beliveing in the concept of love 😍 and so there is no point in writing about partners. 👍

Selfishness is why there’s no love anymore. I am learning a new skill to add to my LinkedIn profile. Selfishness.

You can’t be that sweeties pie 🥺 always. Sometimes you need to be b*y and selfish just to exist.

Attitude mode ON.

Not in love anymore,
Divya Priyadharshini Mohan😏

Pain is not an antonym

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