It’s okay..

It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to let your feelings out, it’s okay to be weird, it’s okay to be abnormal, its ok to go crazy with friends, it’s okay to have a bad day, it’s okay to fail, it’s okay to just be simple, and most of all..

It’s okay to be you….…..

You are special, you deserve to be happy, you need to have your own personal time and space, you need imagination, you need adventure and you need a miracle. You are the most wonderful creation in the universe. Don’t let some narrow minded crood to destroy your happiness. Dress well, eat healthy, feel beautiful and smile. Your problems are nothing compared to the blessings on your way.

Queen Esther was an orphan. David was a shepherd and his own father thought less of him. Noah was a drunkard, Rahab was a prostitute, Peter was a liar, Paul was a persecutor. Jonah denied his duty. Moses had stammering.

Abraham Lincoln failed consecutively, Florence Nightingale was called a shame by her own family, Mother Teresa was spat for being kind, Albert Einstein had failed marriages, Tesla was deceived, Da Vinci was ex communicated from the Church, Galileo was called a blasphemer, Dante was in exile, John Milton was blind.

So… this concludes even the great minds that walked on this planet had things to worry about, failures to ponder and names given. It’s okay now… let’s face the future with smile.

Believe, Behave and Be Yourself…

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