Excelling Group Discussions in Interviews

Placements are the stressful season in college life. Scores, attitude and skills everything matters while getting ready for an Interview. This post will not bore you with lot of tips or advices. Just a few key points you need to keep in mind during a group discussion session.

Listening is an art. Listen sincerely to your fellow members of the group. Listen to undedatnd their views rather than giving them a mere reply. Concentrate the flow of discussion and decide the lead accordingly. Taking notes in a discussion room might seem a little immature but listen carefully to remember all the points.

Communication skills are must and consider the discussion forum as a platform to exhibit your skills. Don’t be verbose, be precise and clear. Hit the bull eye while expressing your ideas rather hitting around the bush.

Be Polite while you are putting your ideas forward. If your are interrupted with a question give space for the questioner. Do not take any expression personally, discuss to reach a conclusion not an argument.

There are few other skills to master which will come only out of practice. If you have doubts about your negotiation skill don’t hesitate to undergo a training. Learning something new is never late.

At Jane Writes we have committed ourselves to a quality training. Our highly skilled professional trainers will teach the right way to master a skill. Reach us at http://www.janewrites.net or info.janewrites@gmail.com

Have a pleasant discussion!!!

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