Monday Motivation – Positivity

One liner of a horror movie… Tomorrow is Monday.

Mondays are dreaded by everyone, school going child to a 55 year old executive. People start trolling Monday even from Friday evening. There is one hell of an aversion towards Monday from generation X to Z.

The reason behind this aversion is lack of interest in the job, mishaps at work, misunderstanding with colleagues, a boss you hate or even the same route to workplace.

These are free advices but very powerful:

1. Do not do anything which you do not feel happy.

2. Find something you love and replace the boring.

3. Love yourself.

4. Think positively. 7 negative comments is equaled with one positive comment.

5. Feel the positive vibes

Positivity changes everything. It is a proven fact that mindset is so powerful that it can change the entire situation accordingly. Feel motivated on a Monday, the following week you will feel more confident and motivated. Feel happy on a Monday you will feel the entire week a happy vacation.

It’s your mindset not the Monday….

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