Postpartum Depression Is Real

Let’s talk this… Postpartum depression or baby blues!

Recently I read a news article stating a new mother throwing her kid from the third floor of her apartment. How cruel!!!!

What we all see is a cruel mother but what we missed is her state of mind!

Post partum depression is real!!!!

If you are nursing a new born or a mother of a kid of 3 year old or younger. A must read!

Birth of baby heightens your emotions. Form joy to fear, you feel it heightened. This is because of the horomonal imbalance.

All new mothers are depressed!

This is common, baby blues is found among all new mothers. It lasts for a few weeks after the child birth and gets subtler as time goes by.

If the symptoms of baby bles deepens or you are feeling the same even after months, then you are depressed.

Postpartum depression is something serious. You have troubles binding with the baby. You are irritated very often. Fight a lot with friends and family. You have issues sleeping. You feel left alone!

All I want to say to that strong woman, who is fighting depression with a small baby is, you are a warrior!

You are not alone! We all love you! Ask for help!

Dear girl, you need help. Talk it out! To your friends or family.

Postpartum depresion is serious that it leads to suicides sometimes. Help a friend or family by talking to them or consulting a doctor, if you find a new mother with any of these symptoms.

Let’s not lose another young woman to an unnoticed problem!

P. S. Depression doesn’t means the person crying all time! It’s far more than that. You will never understand a depressed smile or laughter. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Divya- the writer woman- who fought her own depression battle.

Gals, if any of you experience the same. Feel free to direct message me. I am all ears, let’s talk it out!

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