A word difficult to pronounce but actually easy and happy is HI or HELLO. A word which is so huge, filled with tears, love and hard is a GOODBYE. Today I bid good bye to my job. A career which I chose with passion, I continued with love is about to end. I was good, infact I was testified as irreplaceable by my boss. Still…. I am leaving my current position as a professor…

It’s really hard, I never thought this would be closing so soon on me. I spent 5 years in the same campus since I was a fresher. It was a livid environment, outskirts of city, on a small mountain foot and with mist. I enjoyed the ride to college every day. Peacocks, birds of various colours and voices, once I saw a deer, elephants rarely during summer and a lovely pet dog.

It was happiest most peaceful moments inside the campus, though I was facing thunderstorms in my personal life. I enjoyed every minute of my work. The love students showers me with, support of my colleagues, guidance of my seniors, and all my bosses who endured my mistakes and let me grow. I am always grateful.

I learnt a lot, I became an orator, researcher, an academician, I myself am a guide, mentor and finally an author. Yea… I did know I had writing skills since junior high, but my audiences (special audiences ) are from here. I discovered myself once again. I now know my strengths, weakness and places where I should sharpen a bit and where I should be blunt.

Finacially good, my college is the top most in the city, why, it’s ranked as top 100 in my country. So I get paid well, fairly well. It’s a place which gave me confidence that I can be on my own. My strength provider.

You might be wondering,why I am leaving now? I am leaving now for my goal. Yes,… a greater goal. I always wanted to be a writer. May be all those years were given me to practise. I am leaving to be an author.

I don’t know what future has in store for me. But I bravely decide today I am leaving my current position for a goal of my life. Hoping I will be one very soon.

Dear God,… I don’t know whether what I did is a good thing or bad thing. But I am doing it, be with me. Lead me on.


  1. women and girls who have made it in their respective fields — often in uncharted territories — by overcoming barriers and beating the odds to reach their goals. Although far from the limelight, their struggle, passion and work inspires all who know them and they are role models for many.

    Your are one among that so

    Breaking barriers, with the power of paper and pen

    All the best

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  2. My Dear
    I really appreciate your writing skills… No worries… remember Robert Frost’s THE ROAD NOT TAKEN …whatever you do ..If you have confidence and faith in God …for sure you will achieve it…


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