Why did I leave the professor job?

I am being haunted by this question in every social gathering and friends/family reunion. Why did you leave a job? When are you getting married? So, when are you planning to be pregnant? When will you buy a new home? Blah… blah….

These questions are asked every time and are being answered with awkward silences always! Leaving a job, choosing a partner or becoming a parent is an individual’s will and wish. Yet, to all the ones who have been pestering for a year now, here is your answer.

“keep your breath to cool your porridge”

― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Teaching is the happiest job in the world. I said happiest, not easiest and not prospering, not anymore. Being around young people, kids full of ideas and innocent love that comes with respect. You can also read how much I missed everyone in my past work place here.

So, why did I leave, if i like a place so much?

Life is full of adventures, only a few dares to taste the feel. We are clinging to jobs, relationships or friendships that are eroding our souls. I am not that kind! It’s hard to convince a strong woman like me. At every point of intimidation, my courage rises to a level that it sinks the sorrow. We make mistakes while choosing, be it a career, relationship or financial decisions. We always choose short-term happiness over long-term happiness (that comes with a few sacrifices).

I sacrificed so many things, which I was pondering in the time I got in this quarantine. I missed an interview with DRDO, just because I had nobody to accompany me to the place of the interview. I missed an opportunity to study in IIT, just because none can drive me to the campus. I missed the love of my life just thinking about these nobodies!!!

Life is full of adventures, only a few dares to taste the feel.

Now, I am not ready to lose anything, anymore. Here I have written decision making in analogous with a change in career. Look closely, we all are the same when deciding what is good for us. We always end up choosing what will benefit those who depend on us (I may sound selfish here, but it is the truth, dear!)

When it comes to decision making, here are a few tips, I can help you with…


If you have a burning desire, a flame inside you that seeks an escape, do it now, do it today! Passion or the profound love we have for something is what the driving force to success. It feels so great to do something you like. Its 3 in the morning and I am typing every word in this blog with full enthusiasm and not a moment i dared to blink. It is the love you have in you that completes you. When you have to choose something, choose what you love the most!

” Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.

-Oprah Winfrey


Read the title again!! Its not happiness I am talking about, it is the sense of feeling complete, the fulfillment. I say you should be filled with peace when you work and not with stress. It is like surfing. Although you have tides rising and falling beside, you choose to be calm, trust in yourself and surf like a king! The composure and the mental steadiness of a surfer is want you need for earning money, not a rat race! Listen to your gut… it is trying to say something to you. Yes! When you have to choose something, choose fulfillment.

“Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.” 

Tony Robbins


Of course, we all are in search of greener pastures. Choose a job that earns you money. I have seen people continuing in jobs, just because it is close to their place of stay or a friend or a silly reason they say. These jobs are actually robbing them! They say it is comfortable, it is safe. No, it is not! This is costing you another better opportunity or a better life. I have seen professors continuing to be professors just because they are afraid of a risk! Every opportunity they miss, they keep saying I have EMI to pay. Yes, i had bills to pay when I left the last job. Today, I am happy and I say I am prospering.

If there’s a will, prosperity can’t be far behind. “

W. C. Fields

When you continue to stay in a place you are comfortable with, you are refusing to grow. You have developed a resistance for newer and wider opportunities. This on a long run, will cost you your incentives, promotions and appreciations. I have seen people who worry because the management is happy with new and young employees, it is because your boss has found someone, who you refused to be. When you choose something, choose prosperity

Life is short, hardly 60 years – live it. Love it!


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