Hey dr… How are your quarantine days going?

Well, the whole world is shutdown! A month back, when things were so normal or the times when I was picking a beautiful dress to wear today (Easter’s eve) to church. I planned thousands of things from hairclips, car decor, makeup, sandals and neckwear. The one thing I did not plan was COVID-19.

All this happened when Wuhan was reaching its peak of the curve during COVID 19

If things were normal, I should be in the church in a few hours. Smiling at my friends and family who are sitting in the next aisle. I should be wishing out loud, “Christ has risen! He is risen indeed”. Instead, I am writing this in solitary, quarantined (house arrested) in my bedroom, PJs on, hair tied up in a bun, one half of my world is dying and the other is panicking.

I am so scared, that I may relapse into depression and panic. COVID-19 is not a joke! So… here’s my quarantine diary:

Days of happiness

This was when the victims of COVID was below 0.5M and the death toll was reaching 35000.

Yes, I was thrilled at first, a 7 day holiday (with pay). That evening I came home happy, thinking of spending my days with movies, food, books and music all day. I spent days sleeping and the nights working (Netflix on the side). Those days were the happiest because:

  • No alarm in the morning
  • Waking up by 1.00 pm
  • Dining table full of fruits, biscuits, and snacks
  • Fridge stacked with squashes, ice cream and chocolates

So… it was a paradise on earth and then comes…

Days of Loneliness

Now, the victims of COVID-19 and the death toll is doubling.

Slowly, laziness crept inside me. I barely moved from my laptop and my headphones were on till the batteries died out. I did not have a human to talk to (practically no one was around). I spent hours together on Facebook, not socializing but just scrolling.

I was back in depression! I could sense the mood swings, every time my phone rang it irritated me like hell. One fine evening, I removed my headphones and threw them far away, I can still feel the wave of relief in me.

The reason why…

So, why did my days of happiness end so quickly? My problem was, mindless consumerism! Just like so many in the world, I bought all those foodstuffs, without even thinking that I may not like it anymore. I am in my late twenties and it’s late to enjoy a bar of milk chocolate without guilt. So, most of the snacks went either to the trash can or to some kid living next door.

Music is depressing and social media too! I will talk about these in my next blog with stats and proofs. Now let’s concentrate on COVID-19.

Days to come

Rise of victims in India is increasing at exponential rate

Scientists have found that the curve of India is steeper than any other country. At this moment, there is a high-level meeting being conducted to extend the lock-down. There are few more days left to be spent inside my bedroom. I have made up my mind to face it with strength and courage. Here’s how I see my battle:

economy of the future

Right, when we all come out, we will have a hard time! Meesho, an online platform to sell handmade goods has fired its employees. This will soon be the case in many companies. We are pushed back in the economy.

How are we going to cope up, is in our hands!

But on the brighter side, we will have a revolution for productivity. Businesses will work hard to make up for the days spent in quarantine. There will be a rise in productivity witnesses within a month. But, you need to make a few sacrifices, like:

  • Working extra hours
  • Working on the weekends
  • When your part is over, giving hands for your colleagues
  • Take responsibility willingly

When we work together and work smart, we could make up to what we lost.

Freelancers and ENTREPRENEURS will increase

Because of these mass layoffs, many freelancers and entrepreneurs will rise. Today 15 million freelancers are in the country. The gig economy in India is big and we stand next to the USA. Make hay while the sun shines!

Studies also show that by the end of 2020, 71% of organisations will be ready to outsource 50% of the jobs. That is a piece of great news! Gen Z loves to work flexibly, this is the reason for a sharp rise in the gig economy. following are some tips to be a pro freelancer:

  • Get certified – Find an online course, get a certificate and showcase in your profile
  • Blow your own trumpet – Market your skills on the right platform
  • Be tech-savvy – Use digital tools as much as possible.
  • Work smart – All you need is a cup of coffee, PJs and a laptop!

To be a pro in freelancing, you need to work smart and not hard! Get certified in what you know to do and be a great marketer of your skills

When this ends

When this pandemic is over, roll up your sleeves to work your a** off with your boss or get your b*** kicked from the firm. Don’t worry either way, you will end up in a great place (Amen!). When you come out of quarantine be the pro version of you. Skill up!

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