The Me Time

Huh… In am writing!!! After a long time. Day job as a content writer and the freelancing projects have been crushing me for a long time. I am writing all these time but I was not writing.

I am writing for 💵 money. Those SEO optimised blogs, social media posts, white papers, fact sheets, journals and the long essays. I haven’t written a word out of passion for the last few months. I have read freelancers say, ‘write 4 articles for money and one article for self satisfaction’. I am writing one for me today.

In a local Beatles themed cafe, got creme pasta in front… I am thinking something philosophical. Who is there for you?

Who is there for you?

Every now and then in our life we see a fall. Our lives are undulating. We are at the top sometimes and at the least bottom some other times. It is natural, common and very casual thing in human life.

But at these times when you hit the rock bottom, who is there beside you?

If you can see your husband standing beside, you are divine.

If you see your parents 👪 standing next to you, then you are lucky.

If you see your friends standing beside then you are most lucky.

If you see the society standing with you, then you are rich.

If you see the world 🌎 standing next to you, then you are an angel.

But if you see your own self standing beside then you are the Ruler.

Be the Ruler

I am single person who aspires to be successful like most of us. I see myself beside me at all times. On happens, i sickness, in wealth and in health.

Make yourself a priority. Stop being pisses at yourself for the falls. Embrace you. Take yourself out. Live your self. Your body, soul and every bit of you.

Coz… At the end it’s you!

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