Changing Gears

We all think that we are in the driver seat of our life, steering according to our own likes. The truth is we are only in the front passenger seat enjoying or complaining what’s infront of us. The actual force that drives our lives are our family, job, societal status, relationships and blah blah blah blah.

All off us are good imaginers, we all live in a fantasy world where we think we are actually controlling what is happening to us. We convince others around us the same too. Saying that we have jobs, useful hobbies, happy lives, luxury apartments…. wait… stomp your brake now…

Do you really think you are happy? Is that all you want is around you? Do you think your kids live according to your dreams….?

No….. this is not a motion picture or a Bronte sisters novel for a happy ending. The happy ending we all are longong for…. is the present. It’s okay to live a life with different timelines, different set of goals and different perspectives.

Be happy you have a son, rather forcing him to be a doctor or an engineer. Your friend’s son may be a lawyer, doctor or whatever. There may be someone even without a child. Stop forcing your likes into other’s life. Let your son steer his own vehicle. Be happy if he is a poet, an artist or a human being. Be happy for what he is and not for what you want him to be.

Sometimes we feel failed, the future what we planned may not be perfect. Sometimes you are put to shame for something you did not do or was forced on you. Sometimes we see others around us successful, happy and loved. Now… this society or relations or family which is blaming you, was never been there in your shoes.

They are just spectators. Don’t even give them that position. Hold your brake, open the doors for them and ask them to leave your life vehicle.

I mean it… if you don’t get a positive vibe from it, remove it. People may have used you, cheated on you, played with your life and feelings, gossiped about you. You can through all of that by yourself. You drove the vehicle alone in the same situations of the past.

When you have to face a failure, a friend may just send a sad emoji or the most he could is call. But dear, it was you who came through all of this. Don’t give the steering to someone and be a rider in your own vehicle.

It’s time to change gears and move forward. Live your life on your own way.

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