Why I need a Kiss?

Smooches😚😘😚…. Romantic, sexy, loving, caring, sad, sometimes they come with tears too. Everybody likes to be kissed no matter what, we all like to love and be loved. Rich, poor, healthy, weak, sick, dying, winner, loser whatever we are, we enjoy a kiss. Kiss😚 is an expression of love, care and sometimes it’s an assurance that we have someone near. Kiss can cause emotional and biological changes in us.

We feel happy when we are kissed because our dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin are helping us to feel the pleasure. Okay… now let’s get deeper into this🤯

When someone kisses 💏you an electrical pulse reaches your brain through your spine. This electrical pulse is generated because of the sense of touch. The pulse in turn triggers the hormones for pleasure. Oxytocin is a hormone for feeling loved and connected. It’s the hormone that helps us in feeling connected to our mothers🤱

Yes… ♥️the culprit is oxytocin. But the hormone has good effects on us. When it is related our muscles relax and hence we feel the pleasure. Oxytocin reduces stress. Less stressed then longer life. Stress can be fatal. It causes depression and later it is suicidal. Depression is like common cold nowadays. Most of the young population are depressed and the pity is they are unnoticed. Society has a major role is causing depression. It’s the society which has to take care if , instead causes stress. Peer pressure… don’t get me started on that.

Kiss happily and live a life with less stress. We need a release of oxytocin then and there along with adrenaline😉😉😉😉

Finally… someone kiss me to have a long happy life.. 😘😘😘😘😘

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