Why 90s kids are still single?

I may have been killed, raped or sold out like a slave instead I am writing this!!!

Yes, I tell you why. I see so many 90s kids screaming out loud for being moratu singles. The reason is, in the 1990s nearly 5,00,000 girls were killed. I mean foeticide. Only in India!

I could have been one of them! But my parents thought otherwise.

So, they gave me fine clothes, perfect girlie-pink bedroom, yummilicious food, great education and here I am!

Then I grew up and got my first period. You know what, the whole town was in my house 🙄 and i still don’t know what they celebrated for!!!!

Congratulations🌹… You will be sick for the rest of your life 🙄.

I could’ve been one of those 53% of children who are sexually assaulted or abused. I had great friends and cousins (8 atha pasanga btw) who protected me. They let me choose my own career!!!!

And that’s…. ENGINEERING…

Then I went to college. I was that first bench, above average, nerdy girl with a dirty 😉 mind!! Some of my professors might be reading this. Still some of you may be my huge crush back then 🥰.

That’s totally out of respect😉. Because I am not one of the 28% students who committed suicide because of peer pressure.

Finally I graduated then I fell in love.

With this handsome, smart and successful guy who designs world class luxury cars!!!

Sounds cheesy right. The thing is, he was also into me, we love birds spent five years together and got seperated. Reasons are in my personal blog😁. If want some gossips.

Thank God I was not in the 34% who committed suicide because of love failure.

My sweet loving parents, found me a guy from an online matrimonial site. He was an okey dokey kind of guy. But he turned out to be a fraudster!!!

I left him in the altar, literally in the altar like #rachelgreen. Yes also like #vinnaithandivaruvaya

Much thanks to the almighty for saving me from the 7% who die due to failed marriages.

If you have come up to this point, my karuthu is…

Dear #90skids, the partner you have, had gone through hell. Keep her safe and be thankful that she is still breathing and loving you.

P.S. A huge thanks to all the men in my life for loving, caring and protecting. I am not one of them because of you ❤️

Love 💓
Divya Priyadharshini Mohan

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