Respect Other’s Decisions

We have this bad attitude among us – forcing someone to decide based on our advices.

It’s okay to share your views but it’s not okay to force someone to decide based on your views. It’s theirs to take it or leave it.

I have seen so many people who feel offended when their advices are not considered. Even the ones of same age like friends or colleagues.

Deciding to travel alone, leave a job, falling in love all these decisions are personal. The concerned person has all rights to do what they feel or what has to be done.

Life goals are different for everyone. Some may have goals that may not require leaving home while others have adventurous goals.

It’s not in our hand to decide on our friend’s behalf!!!

If your friends share a decision with you, respect it. If you have suggestions, share it and leave it as such.

Let the advice be on the table, if the person likes they may consider taking it. It’s totally fine if your advices are abandoned. After everything it’s someone’s life and they are the deciding authority.

Stop being offended if your advices or ideas are abandoned. If it’s really worth – the person must have taken it.

Divya Priyadharshini Mohan ❤️

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