Dare To Fail

To follow your passion all you need to do is to follow your heart ❤️.

Your brain might panic at times and send alert signals like you will not get there, you are not worth it or its impossible. Don’t listen to the noisy chaos… Sharpen your listening to hear the silent melodious call among the chaos.

If your heart truly believes, then you are half the way in achieving it. If you are expecting a cake 🎂 walk towards your goal then life may show you otherwise.

Suit up to face an wolf 🐺 like you face a lion 🦁 and face a lion like you face a dragon 🐉.

Always be on alert mode, for opportunities. If you don’t have possible opportunities at your side. Don’t lose hope. There are plenty of others who haven’t tried.

Einstein didn’t write theory of relativity in a day, Edison failed a hundred times and today’s musk was once kicked out of PayPal.

These men are now examples because they didn’t stop at the first few failures. They dared to fail more and so they achieved more.

Dr. Abdul Kalam was once reject aeronautical engineering seat! Who are you and I compared to that missile man!

So, from this day forward ⏩ get ready to fail!!!

Success is an appreciation gesture to the failed efforts in the past!

Divya Priyadharshini Mohan ❤️

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