Stop Expecting Too Much

Hey all ❤️. I am writing here after a long time. Sorry I got busy with some personal stuff like eating, sleeping and flirting!

I often come across people asking me questions on my love life. Like, when am I getting married, am I seeing someone, if I am straight.

If I say, “no I am not involved right now😉. I am just taking a break from life. I am happily writing, sketching and designing.”

Immediate question is, how you want him to be?!

Me: “I want him to be (cause I am straight) a man!!!

Ahhh…. I don’t know for sure… I am actually open now… 😁”

Now the other person is totally off, “I meant his outlook, nature, perspective on life, appearance and stuff like that.”

Me: Human. Definitely human. I am ok with a Vampire though, but definitely not a warewolf. You see I can’t handle the full moon 🌝.

Superhumans are fine except Flash. You know he comes fast 😁😁😁😁. Disney prince… Ah… Let’s keep them in waiting list. But I am more than ok for any man from the Novel World. Darcy, Rochester, Christian Gray, Augustus Waters…. Anybody!!!

They: pagal hai tu?! So if I set you up with a random guy, is it ok with you?

Me: oh! Nah… Too busy for a relationship.

They: (on their nerves) 😡 what are you expecting from the man???

Me: nothing!!!!


Yes. I think it’s time we take a moment and think. What are we expecting so much from a man?!

We see him like a superhero, a demigod or a supernatural being who is readily available to help the damsel in distress.

No. Men are human. They have every pain, emotion, pressure, stress and responsibilities like women. Today’s world see so much for women empowerment and on the way, they forget men.

Being a man itself is stressful.

Men are strong.
Men can solve any problem at home, office, society and in novels.
Men are breadwinners.
Men are leaders.
Men should be head of the family.
Men should be head of the church.
Men should be head of the country.
Men dress minimal
Men can run butt naked on the road (just how society sees them.on the point of dressing)
Boys play with balls, bats and wrestle with other boys
Boys are not supposed to play with a kitchen set.
A man should be man!!!!
Six packs
Cash Machine

And finally…

ladake rote nahin hain!!!


Ro… Boys.. Ro.. 😭cry your heart out. After everything you are a human just like us.

Stop pressurizing!

If a girl can play with a Barbie and so a boy!

If a girl can paint her nails and so a boy!

If a girl cries when she feels insecure and so a boy.

If a girl can wear more than five colours at the same time and so a boy!

We need to stop pressurizing men! It’s time to think the other way.

To the unnoticed problem.

Stop expecting too much from a man!!!!


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