Please give me way, I have a thesis to complete

Recently I am thinking of dropping out of my PhD. No joking, I am a bit serious here. I spent quite a big number on it but still I am in a dilemma. Here are my reasons to drop out:

1. I don’t get time to work on it
2. I am spending too much money on it
3. Am I going to be an acdemician anymore?

Digging deeper, wisdom dawned upon me. I should keep going, because:

1. It is a longterm commitment. I feel like I am married to my research now. Nagging, getting on your nerves, often you think “you are my big mistake” and still it’s with me. Even if I say get lost, it’s going to follow my name, eventually.

2. I am not a quitter. Besides, I am not going to be younger anymore. Every day I am growing old. Probably I will be ten times more tired than I am today, in just five years.

3. I should learn to manage my time. But how? I am juggling so many things now. I read only three books a month. I hardly watch any movies. Where does all my time go? Traffic? Eating? Next time you see my car on the road please give me way, I have a thesis to complete.

4. I may not be an academican today, atleast not in the near future but who knows what life has in store for us.

5. On the point of money, I am going to eat less and lesser.

So, I decided to continue.

Hah…. Social message ah matanthutan…

Ipdithanga roadla inaiku morning oru uncle enaku vali vidama avarum pogama, 35 kms speed la poitu irukaru. Uncle government office la vela paaparu pola!

It’s was already 8.40 am and I still have close to 10kms ahead…

At one point my horn literally blared into his ears, until he realised he is blocking me.

Namaku vela illana, road la pora ellarukum vela illanu nenaika kudathu. Oru vela nama slow ah poram na left la orama polame.

There are people who are rushing to work, catching flights, going to meet a dying parent, rushing to hospital in obvious pain or some tired idiot like me who has a 70000 words of thesis to complete.

Next time, if you are enjoying a morning/evening drive, enjoy it on the left side of the road!


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