The Devil Wears Prada

So, last night I was watching this awesome movie, The Devil Wears Prada. There was one point where, Andrea (Anne Hathaway) says, ” my personal life is hanging by a thread”.

That’s when the character Nigel says, ” it means you are doing well in your profession. It’s time for a promotion”.

It struck me hard!!!

We are in a see-saw. When personal life is good, we suck at work. If we are performing wonders at work, our personal life is a mess.

We never find the exact balance 🥺.

It is either this way or that. We keep going up up🎢 and down ⬇️ every now and then.

I was a mess at writing some days back. Not the usual procrastination with a tinge of laziness. It was something different.

It was like a fall into a deep bottomless pit. Everytime I look at my laptop, I saw a black cursor waiting for me to strike a key.

For several days, no keys were stricken.

Only deep dark downfall…. Bleak…

I was loved at home, great friends, and a cute little niece kept me busy.

But then I came across an old manuscript that I wrote years ago. What’s wrong with me?!

If I could write that, it means I could write anything with just a bit of research.


I couldn’t. I then realised, I am very comfortable with who am I, which is obnoxious and unacceptable.

So, I put myself in a self induced misery.

Ta da..

I completed my research article.

Then an unforseen misery attacked me very hard recently, making me write this now.

The point is: Good sea never made a skilful sailor.



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