Just bloom

Flowers bloom 🌺even when the world is suffering.

Take a minute and look around, did the flowers🌹 stop blooming🥀 because we all are locked in our house?

Or did the flowers 🌼stop blooming because we don’t have a steady economy…?🥀

Did the flowers🌻 stop blooming when blood was shed around the world in the name of war?🥀

Did the flowers🌸 stop blooming during the dark plague?🥀

Growth is majorly of internal factors rather than external circumstances.🌱

You may feel it’s deep, dark and panicky outside.🍂

You may feel, you are left only with a few options..🍁

Not at all..

Opportunities are created by ourselves…🍀

Self growth and success are measured in a different scale for each of us.🌿

If you feel you have hit the rock bottom, no you are not… 🪨

You are just a step behind your great success.🌀

The weaks will lose heart, say there’s no opportunity and stay lazy.🌫️

The wise and strong, will turn this darkest phase of life into a gleaming sucess.🌅

It’s your choice.🔥

Stop blaming and start blooming.🌷



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