Mimicking Nature

We are trying to imitate our mother nature since we learnt to cook with fire. Biomimicking is trying to imitate nature in our inventions. Simply out as Inspired By Nature. If you are sitting close to a window while reading this, I suggest to take a look outside. See the colours, feel the breeze in your face and now listen to it. Listening is an art, let’s master it by listening to nature first. We can see, more clearly than ever before, how nature works her miracles as put in Janine’s words.

Nature runs on sunlight.
Nature uses only the energy it needs.
Nature fits form to function.
Nature recycles everything.
Nature rewards cooperation.
Nature banks on diversity.
Nature demands local expertise.
Nature curbs excesses from within.
Nature taps the power of limits.

Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature – Janine Benyus

There are lot of things happening around us, a mother kissing her child, a sunbird drinking nectar from flower, a kite fling high, a bud slowing trying to bloom, a plumule breaking the soil and lots and lots in this world that goes unnoticed. We all live in an imaginary world, we think we are busy and forget to notice our surrounding. Be an observer of nature sometime rather performer. If every human spent at least 15 minutes in observing and enjoying nature, we will build a better future; a sustainable future.

You might hear stories of biomimicking in the invention of Velcro and flight design but we were inspired by nature since the beginning. Fire, wheel, stone tools, etc are inspirations. No physics professor taught a Neanderthal about friction. We saw forest fires and mimicked it. Nobody took engineering laboratory to make a stone tool. We saw from nature and we created it.

Let’s save this great source of inspiration. Let us save for our future. Let us be inspired.


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