That little drop of tear

Every man in this world has failed. There is no one in the history without failure. It’s a part of human life.

To err is human

We all commit mistakes. Not wantedly but sometimes unkownlingly. There is a phenomenon called Butterfly Effet. Every action will have a consequences on the other part of the world. Even the small flutter of a butterfly at the right place and at the right moment could cause an earthquake.

It’s simple. We do something and someone else’s ecosystem is dangered because of us. This we do it most of the time without our conscious. Just like driving from home to office, the most common route, it happens in our sub conscious mind. Unintentional pollution without our knowledge like energy wastage, fuel efficiency and other related problems.

Use of plastics, fossil fuels, energy wastage, pollution, I put all under a different category. This is called ignorance. We know what is wrong and still reluctant for a change. We know we are killing our fellow beings and still sharpening our blades. I am rude here because I am concerned about my home, The Earth. I will not allow just anybody to destroy my home as they wish for spoil as they like.

Today I read in newspaper that nearly 1 million species are endangered. Rise of global warming is a serious issue. We have already killed half the birds now the ocean or sea creatures are the most endangered. Water pollution… don’t get me started on that…

Okay now… how can we save them…? Its simple just do simple things as you can. Avoid plastics, go for paperless documentation, save energy, use energy efficiently, be concerned.

A little drop of tear to dying nature. Save our home.


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