Equal Work and Equal Pay

Gender parity is not an issue it’s an socio-economic imperative. According to the survey of workforce of female in India, only 25% of women are participating in workforce. Rest of the women take employment in unorganized jobs. Added to the this, we have gender pay gap. For the same employment women get paid less.

Women contribute only 3 percent of manufacturing jobs in India. This is due to the perception of employer that women perform less in jobs involving risks. This is a myth. There are automobile industries who have women in assembly and design. Bajaj has an assembly unit encompassing only women employees.

A recent study says, a manufacturing company in India employed women in double to meet the gender gap. Sensitive equipment handling was done by women in turn reducing 17 to 18 percent of wastage than previous years. Women today are equally skilled, reliable and caring for the work they do. Employing women is not just for meeting the gender gap but for profits too. The GDP of India will grow 10 percent higher if this gender parity is gone.

Women work equal and they deserve an equal pay.


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