Toxic Passion

A profound desire is passion. The intense force which drive towards our heart’s desire. We all love to control. As Paula Hawkins says in her book, “A Girl on the Train”, the intoxicating thought that we are controlling someone. Passion makes us controllable rather than controller. Blind belief that we are on the right track and we deserve to be controlled is nothing passionate. It is mere stupidity followed with irreconcilable likeness or lust. To avoid invisible traps on your path, sit down and categorize what all are your needs and what are you passionate about. Try with me.

  1. We all need money to survive.
  2. We need to be loved and love others.
  3. We need food, air and water

You can be passionate about, reading, painting, music, art , literature, career and goals. This passion is with us and inside us flaming since we began to enjoy the first flame of it. This flame intensifies as we go nearer to it. It’s not harmful to be passionate. But…

This burning fame inside you should not become a forest fire and drive you crazy. I have seen people running behind materialistic things and call it a passion. Losing family, happiness, peace and joy is not the right way of enjoying it. Being passionate is being loved and love others. The love of music in you should spread the happiness of music around rather hatred. The love for art in you should emanate as beauty from within rather irritation.

This burning fame inside you should not become a forest fire and drive you crazy.

Achieving our goal and being passionate about our desires are for a matter of 40 years, from 20 to 60. At the same time, this is when we cherish our human relationships, love and family.

Don’t let your passion consume you. Enjoy your life while you can enjoy it.


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