OMG! Thats a lot of Smoke

Every year we add tons of CO2 to our atmosphere. Some of which we add with our knowledge and some without. Many of us ignore this fact mainly because we know less of it and so we ignore it. Let’s face the damage we are making to our Mother Earth.

What is CO2?

When one molecule of Carbon and tow molecules of Oxygen come together s a compound we call it carbon-di-oxide. This carbon is a part of our atmosphere like oxygen, nitrogen, and other gases. Atmosphere is an eco-system. It has defined number of each constituents. When one rises, it will lead to the depletion of other gases.

E.g. When foreign breeds of Cows are bred in India. the native breeds extinct.

How is it released?

We release CO2 when we breathe, all living organisms does the same. It also release when heat is released. When heat through metabolism is released, CO2 is released. Similarly various other operations involving  release of heat includes release of CO2.

E.g. Coal is burnt to produce electricity in turn heat is released, ultimately CO2 is released.

What happens if more CO2 is released?

If the CO2 is released in large numbers, it will heat/warm up the globe. So our global warming happens and in turn lot of other added problems are happening.

E.g. If earth warms up, glaciers melt soon increasing water bodies and sea creatures will die due to sudden changes sin ecosystem.

How can it  be controlled?
Simply reduce the usage of CO2 involving operations. Like reduce use of fuels and fossil fuels. save energy. Use energy efficient appliance.

E.G. Use LED instead of incandescent lamps, BLDC fans instead of conventional fans, electonic ballasts instead of mechanical chokes.

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